Emancipated Living: Concepts


  • The act of freeing or a state of being freed
  • Liberation

This site is devoted to presenting thoughts concisely and directly, encouraging you to find, trust, and follow your intuition and intellect, recognize and go beyond self-imposed limits, and achieve a personally meaningful and productive life.

Emancipated Living is based upon the development and daily application of:

  • Clarity, for where and who you are, what you want to do, and why.
  • Personal Honesty, especially the ability to be honest with yourself.
  • Confidence, in trusting your intellect, instincts, and desires.
  • Decisiveness, especially during periods of ambiguity.
  • Self-forgiveness, for mistakes that are made as growth and learning occurs
  • Resiliency, to re-assess, act, and repeat as many times as necessary.

Our lives exist in a dynamic balance, shifting constantly and unpredictably.  Crises occur, and these we often handle quite well, if not heroically.  But, what about the “non-crises” portion of our lives?  Those days, weeks, and years, relentlessly progressing and defining our personal legacy?

  • For some, life is great.  Congratulations, and enjoy, there is obviously no need to change.  
  • For others, life is less fulfilling and we often wonder why, and what we can do to make it better.
  • Most of us go between these two stages at different times in our lives, with or without insight into why these stages occur.

The “non-crisis” erosion of our life’s joy can occur insidiously, as we adopt “Lemming-like behavior” and maintain belief systems, careers, and lifestyles more so out of habit, living up to other’s expectations, or familiarity, as compared to those that have been arrived at by our own conscious design.  We can become disenfranchised from ourselves.  From our individuality!

Is it no wonder that frustration, confusion, unhappiness, and indecisiveness then weave themselves into the fabric of our lives?  In other words, is it no wonder that, as the famous (or infamous) bumper sticker reads,,,,,,  Shit happens!

Within this site you will find material that:

  • Recognizes the varied and individual nature of success and  fulfillment 
  • Challenges you to live with intellect, strength, congruency, and self reliance
  • Goes beyond superficial motivation, mysticism, and worn out cliches
  • Encourages “authorship” of your life in a way that only you could do

Please come in and experience a unique approach to personal discovery and growth.

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